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Welcome to my home page. I'm an ultra cyclist originally from England, now residing in Oakland, CA having recently moved from near Chicago where I worked at Northern Illinois University as the Department Chair for Kinesiology and Physical Education (KNPE). My new position is Department Chair for Kinesiology at California State University East Bay. I like to believe that through my cycling I practice what I preach: the value of being physically active.

Cycling has been my primary form of transportation since the late 1980s when, as an impoverished graduate student, I could not afford to repair my motorcycle and had to use my bike to get to school. This was enjoyable because I was living in southern California at the time. Here I am over 25 years later still riding to work everyday. I estimate that in that time I have ridden close to 400,000 miles. I have kept logs since 2007 and in that time have ridden 171,206 miles.

Over the years my riding has progressed from commuting to work to competing in ultra events, starting with the Death Valley Double as a way of proving that at 40 I wasn't really getting any older! On moving to the mid-west in the summer of 2002, I discovered the wider world of ultra cycling and started riding in more double centuries, 12-hour and 24-hour races as well as learning how to ride through the frigid Chicago winters. This led to racing the inagural Race Across the West the first 1000 miles of the Race Across America (RAAM) in 2008, followed by two attempts at solo RAAM (Click here for a short video of my 2010 race (.mov)).

I have started a new chapter having just moved to the Bay Area and I am looking forward to enjoying and expericing what the Bay Area has to offer for cyclists.




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